Ford Excursion 35 Inch Tires vs 33″ – What Lift To Choose?

Lifted Ford Excursion 35 inch tires for offroading
We continue our series of articles on off-road wheels and today we are going to show you what does it take to install Ford Excursion 35 inch tires or smaller 33″ wheels. First of all, we want to go over a couple of benefits of getting larger tires. Number one is the improved ground clearance, which allows you to explore the new challenging paths on the way of your next 4×4 adventures. Second is the improved overall diameter of the 35″ wheels, which makes the truck more stable both on the highway and off the pavement.

If you’ve seen Ford Excursion 35 inch tires than you definitely know how good they look in comparison with narrow factory wheels. They not only provide a better grip on unpaved roads but also improve the driving comfort on concrete roads. So if you really want to outfit your Excursion with 33” or 35 inch wheels, we want to assure you that this change will not be as complicated as you may think. We’ll show what exactly is required to perform to fit bigger tires safely and which lift kit to choose.

The factory tires are just a little smaller, so fitting 33s and 35s would require a 2.5″-6″ lift depending on the tire size.

2″ Lift On 33s

Ford Excursion 33 inch tires and 2 inch lift kit

The majority of modern pickups and SUV are able to accommodate 33 inch tires without serious modifications. To install them it would be enough to get a 2″-4″ lift kit.

4″ Lift on 34s

FORD Excursion lifted on 33s
Lifted Ford Excursion 33 inch tires and grille guard
2001 Ford Excursion SUV with 33s

Ford Excursion 6 inch lift on 35 tires

Ford Excursion 6 inch lift on 35 tires

Getting 35 inch tires for Ford Excursion is just a question of time for many fans of the outdoor activities, off-roading and those who often drive on country roads. They will require a little more lift to properly clear in your truck. A simple set of spacers of about 5-6″ thick will provide a proper amount of clearance to fit larger tires on your truck.

Black lifted ford excursion with offroad mods

ford excursion 6 inch lift on 35 tires

Ford Excursion rear suspension lift blocks 6 inches

Ford Excrsion on 35s with 6 inch lift

Common 33 inch and 35 inch tires for Ford Excursion

  • 33 x 11.5 x R20
  • 33 x 12.5 x R17/R18/R20
  • 35 x 11.5 R17/R18/R20
  • 35 x 12.5 R17/R18/R20

Common 33 inch size metric equivalents

  • 16 inch rim – 255/85R16 265/80R16 275/80R16 285/75R16 295/75R16 305/70R16 315/70R16
  • 17 inch rim – 265/75R17, 275/75R17, 285/70R17
  • 18 inch rim – 265/70R18, 275/70R18, 285/65R18 295/65R18

Common 34 inch size metric equivalents

  • 17 inch rim 315/70R17

Common 35 inch size metric equivalents

  • 18 inch rim – 315/70R18, 325/65R18

Needless to say that aside from the obvious benefits in the off-road capabilities you’re also improving the visual appeal of your truck. Taller and wider stance along with beefy tires create an image of a tough truck, ready to handle any challenge you can throw at it.

The driving characteristics of a Ford Excursion on 35 inch tires will not be changed dramatically so you will still be able to maintain normal ride quality. A slight drop in the gas mileage may be noticed and it should not exceed 1-2MPG. The suspension geometry will remain the same unless you decide to go with extremely low offset, which will widen the track a lot.
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  1. James 2 weeks ago

    What size are the rims and tires on the black excursion shown in the article. Also, what offset are the wheels to create the lip?

    • Jade 5 days ago

      Unfortunately, it wasn’t specified, but the rims look like Fuel D517 Krank In black with milled accents. I’d show this picture at the tire shop where you are going to order wheels and have the sales rep check on fitment for you to avoid any problems with firmer. Experienced tire guys can easily identify it for you.

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