Ford Excursion 38 Inch Tires vs 37″ – What Lift To Choose?

Lifted Ford Excursion on 37s
We continue our series of articles on off-road wheels and today we are going to show you what does it take to install Ford Excursion 38 inch tires or smaller 37″ wheels. First of all, we want to go over a couple of benefits of getting larger tires. Number one is the improved ground clearance, which allows you to explore the new challenging paths on the way of your next 4×4 adventures. Second is the improved overall diameter of the 38″ wheels, which makes the truck literally unstoppable even on the paths with oversized obstacles.

If you’ve seen Ford Excursion 38 inch tires than you definitely know how good they look in comparison with 35s. Although the installation of heavily oversized wheels requires major modifications of the suspension and driveshaft components. The center of gravity is going upwards, which will seriously change the driving characteristics of the vehicle and affect the stability. Driveshaft spacer (differential drop) is often required to help compensate for length changes due to the lowering of the axles.
The factory tires are significantly smaller, so 6-8 inch lift kit will be required to clear the new tires and ensure normal wheel travel. Although, depending on the suspension and wheel configuration trimming may still be necessary.

Ford Excursion 8 inch lift on 37 tires

Lifted Ford Excursion mud tires with 20 inch rims
Clean Lifted Ford Excursion offroad truck

Ford Excursion 8 inch lift on 38 tires

Ford Excursion 38 inch tires and 8 inch lift by Fabtech
ford excursion on 38s with 8 inch suspension lift front and rear
Ford Excursion with a big lift and tires

Common 37 inch tire sizes

  • 18 inch rim – 37×12.5R18, 37×13.5R18
  • 20 inch rim – 37×12.5R20, 37×13.5R20

Common 38 inch tire sizes

  • 18 inch rim – 38×15.5R18, 38.5×14.5R18
  • 20 inch rim – 38×13.5R20, 38×15.5R20, 38.5×14.5R20

Needless to say that aside from the obvious benefits in the off-road capabilities you’re also improving the visual appeal of your truck. Taller and wider stance along with beefy tires create an image of a tough truck, ready to handle any challenge you can throw at it.

The driving characteristics of a Ford Excursion on 38 inch tires will be changed dramatically but with proper suspension kit you will still be able to maintain normal ride quality. It is also recommended to change the gearing in differential to adjust the engine operation to improved wheel size and recalibrate the speedometer for accurate readings.
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