Ford Ranger Prerunner – cheapest ticket to the desert racing

ford ranger prerunner black fiberwerx wide body

Ford Ranger prerunner is one of the most popular models that we can see in various off-road magazines and websites. These trucks are very simple and affordable therefor they are often selected as a prerunner platform by DIY enthusiasts. You can find Rangers in both RWD and 4WD configurations and base lengths.


They were in production since 1983 until 2012 when Ford dropped this model off the production line. Low cost and high reliability made Ranger a best seller among small pickup trucks and, as a result of such popularity we can see a huge amount of aftermarket parts and components for it. If you are willing to find an affordable and easy to maintain entry level prerunner – Ranger will be your number one choice. With a truck like this, you can keep your comfortable daily driver and turn   this truck into an ultimate desert rig without spending tons of cash.

ford ranger prerunner spare tires carrier

Pretty much all manufacturers of aftermarket off-road equipment have an extensive product line of Ford Ranger prerunner parts, so you don’t have to spend much time on designing your own components and custom fabrication. Its very capable but still stands on one step lower than fullsize trocks like Toyota Tundra or Nissan Titan prerunners.

The most important part of every prerunner build is choosing the right suspension setup. Kamburg, Dixon bros, HM racing design can offer you kits from mild to wild with a suspension travel starting from 15″ up to 24″, which will be more than enough for spirited driving in the desert.

If you are concerned about the wheel size, you can choose any setup between 33″-35″ and up to 39″ tires.

ford ranger prerunner on 35 tires

Bulge fenders and lightweight hood will help you to clear large wheels and allow a decent suspension travel.

If you tired of the edgy stock design of a Ranger, guys at Fiberwerks have something cool to offer you: a Ranger to Raptor conversion body kit. It includes a complete set of body panels, fenders, quarterpanels, one-piece front end with raptor grille and headlights.


As for the engines, we can’t really say that it came with a very powerful one. It was available with 4 and 6 cylinder motors of 2.3L – 4.0L, that was giving out up to 207HP and 238 lb ft of torque, however many owners have chosen a custom V8 conversion.

ford ranger prerunner long travel suspension

ford ranger prerunner 35" tires and long travel suspension

ford ranger prerunner spare tire holder desert racing

ford ranger prerunner in desert

ford ranger prerunner wide body

  1. Peter C Barker 6 months ago

    Yeah I used to have an 05 Ranger V6. Was a pretty cool truck truck. Bought it for about 2k and spend about 5k in upgrades. It had a longravel kit from kamburg and 35 tires, just like th eone on the main picture. Still sad that I had to sell it at certain point of my life. Hopefully I will build something like that in the future. As far as know now these trucks a rediculously cheap and you can get a running one for just under 1k. I mean what else is that easy to start with.

  2. DesertRunner88 6 months ago

    What’s the tire size on the first picture? Looks like 35″ am I right?

  3. Alex 5 months ago

    Hey do you have more pics of the “ford ranger prerunner 1” ?

    It looks awesome and I can’t find other pics of the truck.

    Thank you

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